Border Nepal

Awards and Prizes

Following organizations, institutions and societies have conferred various award, prize, felicitation and letter of appreciation:

•  Madan Puraskar (Prize)-2057 : awarded silver platted plaque (certificate) with Rs. 1 Lakh cash prize by Madan Puraskar Guthi (Trust), Lalitpur, 18 October 2001 in recognition of writing the book "Boundary of Nepal."

• Eduard Dolezal Award : 18th ISPRS Congress, Vienna-Austria, 11 July 1996 in recognition of developing Surveying, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Geographical Information System in Nepal.

• Letter of Commendation : by Nepal Government, Survey Department, Kathmandu, 28 May 2007 in recognition of the contribution made to enter Nepal into Satellite Geodesy age and start to prepare the new series of basic topographical mapping of Nepal, while working at the Department.

• Letter of Felicitation: by Dawanly Milan Club, Kathmandu, 16 September 2006 in recognition of demarcating the geographical boundary of Nepal, as an awardee of Madan Puraskar (Prize).

• Amar Sing Thapa Memorial Award : by National Mighty Person Amar Singh Thapa Foundation, 31 July 2005, in recognition of the commendable contribution made for highlighting the collected facts of the complicated border issues of Nepal to the Nepali people.

• Dev Shumsher Outstanding Journalism Award : by Dev Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana Descendant Foundation, 30 July 2005, in writing an outstanding article of national importance published in the Gorkhapatra Daily on June 5, 2004 entitled "An Independent Country, Nepal's Border is Shrinking Each Day." The award instituted by a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.

• Felicitation : by A Great Worker Badri Bikram Thapa Memorial Service Trust, 26 July 2005, in recognition of making exposure on Nepal's national boundary line, border security and border management through write-up, working papers and interaction presentations in national and international arena

• Felicitation : by J. P. Foundation, Kathmandu, 11 July 2004 (on the occasion of its tenth anniversary) in recognition of the contribution made to create public awareness in national and international arena, on Nepal's geographical boundary, border management and its preservation.

• Letter of Appreciation : by Nepalese Association of Houston (NAH), 14 September 2003 for the enlightening presentation on "Indo-Nepal Border Disputes" at the Baker Institute of Policy, Rice University in Houston- Texas, USA.

• Letter of Commendation : by New Support Nepal, Kathmandu, 4 January 2003 in recognition of the important contribution made for the development of the Nepalese Society through highlighting geographical border of the nation.

• Letter of Appreciation : by JICA Alumni Association of Nepal (JAAN), Kathmandu, 18 December 2002 in recognition of invaluable contribution made for the betterment of the institution and the nation.

• Felicitation : by International Forum - Progressive Nepali Society - Nobel Academy, Kathmandu, 11 January 2002 (on the occasion of the National Unity Day) in recognition of fostering the national sentiment on the border issues of Nepal.

• Felicitation : by Okhaldhunga Social Service Kathmandu, 20 October 2001 in recognition of the commendable work performed to identify the nation's boundary, drawing attention to the international arena.

• Felicitation : by the District Development Committee, Okhaldhunga (on behalf of the inhabitants of Okhaldhunga district), Okhaldhunga, 22 January 1999 in recognition of the outstanding contribution made to create awareness on the preservation of National Boundary of Nepal and of the contribution to expand Surveying, Mapping and Land Information activities in Nepal.

• Letter of Appreciation : by Okhaldhungeli Solidarity Society, Kathmandu, 29 January 2002 (on the occasion of Martyrs Day) in recognition of writing the research oriented book "Boundary of Nepal" to create the awareness to the general people on the national boundary demarcation of Nepal.

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