Border Nepal

National Presentations

• Nepal's International Boundary: Principle, Convention and Practices (Land Management Training Institute), 22 April 2011.

• Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution (Elite Club, Biratnagar), 6 January 2011.

• Security Concern and Border Management of Nepal (Army Command and Staff College), 18 November 2010.

• Sangutar Society and Parasparik Savings and Credit Co-operative (Nepal's Border Problems and its Solution), 26 June 2010.

• Rotary Club of Patan, Lalitpur (Nepal's Border Problem and Solution), 22 March 2010.

• Armed Police Force Training Academy, Halchowk, Kathmandu (Border Security and Management), 8 January 2010.

• International Relation and Human Rights Committee of Constitution Assembly, Singh Darbar (Border Encroachment and its Solution), 9 September 2009.

• All Nepal National Free Student Union, Kathmandu (Protection of Nepal's Sovereignty and Common Responsibility), 29 July 2009.

• Armed Police Force Head Quarter, Halchowk, Kathmandu (National Security and Border Management), 28 July 2009.

• Public Advocacy Forum. Lalitpur (Historical Background on Border Encroachment), 11 July 2009.

• Nepal History Association, Kathmandu (Nepal-India Border Dispute in the context of Demarcation), 10 July 2009.

• Press Council Nepal, Kathmandu (Nepal-India Border Issue and Media), 30 June 2009.

• Service for Unpreviliged Section of Society, Lalitpur (Border Encroachment and Nationality), 27 June 2009.

• Current Affairs Study Society, Bhaktapur (Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution), 26 June 2009.

• Collective Campign for Peace, Buddhanagar, Kathmandu (How to Settle the border Problems of Nepal Peacefully), 14 June 2009. Rotary Club of Bagmati, Kathmandu (Border Issues of Nepal and Responsibility of Government), 8 June 2009.

• Kathmandu University, School of Geomatic Engineering, Dhulikhel, Kavrepalanchok (Border Extent and Height of Mt. Everest), 27 May 2009.

• Martin Chautari, Kathmandu (Role of Youths to Protect the National Boundary of Nepal), 2 May 2009.

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