Border Nepal

National Presentations

• Young Men's Buddhist Association- Nepal, Lalitpur, (Whether Lumbini will Submerge), 29 September 2001.

• Dharmodaya Sabha (National Buddhist Forum), Kathmandu, (Whether Lumbini will Submerge), 10 September 2001.

• All Nepal National Free Student Union, Central Office, Kathmandu, (Kalapani Border Issue of Nepal), 2 August 2001.

• Action for Solidarity, Equality and Environment and Development, South Asia- Nepal, Kirtipur (Boundary of Nepal), 20 May 2001.

• Nepal-India Human Development and Friendship Association, Kathmandu (Boundary of Nepal), 20 September 2000.

• Nine Leftist Group, Kathmandu (Border Issues including Kalapani), 3 September 2000.

• Democratic National Youth Federation- Nepal, Kathmandu, (Laxmanpur Dam and the problem originated), 27 June 2000.

• Nepal History Association, Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Issue), 26 May 2000.

• Nepal Geographical Society, Kathmandu, (Kalapani Border Issue), 4 May 2000.

• Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations and Human Rights, Parliament Building- Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Issue), 30 March 2000.

• Prime Minister and Ministers (Foreign Affairs, Home, Law and Justice, Defense, Water Resources, General Administration, Education) and their Secretaries of the Ministry, Chief Secretary, Nepali Congress Secretary General and Chief Advisor to the Prime Minister), Prime Minister's Residence- Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Issue and its Solution), 25 November 1999.

• Border Encroachment Protest Committee, Kathmandu (Origin of the Border River Mahakali), 5 October 1999.

• National Heritage and Human Rights Protection Civic Committee, Kaski Pokhara ( Kalapani Border Dispute), 18 August 1999.

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minister, Assistant Minister, Special Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Under Secretary etc.), Kathmandu, (Kalapani Border Issue), 4 August 1999.

• Ministry of Defense, (Secretary and other officials), Kathmandu, (Kalapani Border Issue), 2 August 1999. 

• House of Representative Speaker's Office (Speaker, Secretary General, Secretary, Joint-Secretary and other officials), Parliament Building- Kathmandu, (What the Map says on Kalapani Border Issue), 25 July 1999.

• Ministry of Land Reform and Management (Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Director General, Deputy Director Generals and other officials), Kathmandu ((What the Map says on Kalapani Border Issue), 12 July 1999.

• National Concern Society, Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Dispute), 1 July 1999.

• District Development Committee (District Council), Okhaldhunga (Kalapani Border Issue), 22 January 1999.

• All Nepal People's Youth League, Central Committee, Kathmandu (Kalapani Border Dispute), 20 November 1998.

• Border Encroachment Protest Committee, Kathmandu (What the Map says on Kalapani Border Issue), 4 July 1998.

• National Concern Society, Kathmandu (What is Mechi Border Dispute ?), 23 November 1997.

• Tanka Prasad Memorial Foundation, Kathmandu (Interaction on Mechi River Coastal BorderDispute and its Solution), 3 October 1996. 

• Bhadrapur Municipality, Jhapa (Fact on Mechi Border Issue), 9 September 1996.

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