Border Nepal


Five printed books and research papers have been published in the magazines and journals:

- Indo-Nepal Frontier Dams (Book in Devanagari), 2009.

- Knowledge on Boundary (Book in Devanagari), 2007.

- Border Management of Nepal (Book), 2003.

- Border Management in the context of National Security (Book in Devanagari), 2002.

- Boundary of Nepal (Book in Devanagari), 2000.

- Cadastral Surveying for Public Usefulness (Book in Devanagari), 1981.

- Jhapa Digdarshan (Acquaintances) (Book in Devanagari), 2011.

- Nepal-India and China Treaty (Book in Vernacular), Co-author, 2009.

- Disputes on Federalism and Nationality (Book in Vernacular), Co-author, 2009.

- Nationalism in the context of Nepal (Book in Vernacular), Co-author, 2008.

- Facts of Indian Encroachment on Susta (Book in Vernacular), Co-author, 2005.

- Chief Editor, MILAN Magazine, JICA Alumni Association of Nepal.

- The State of Nepal Real Estate Today, Asia-Pacific Real Estate Congress, Osaka- Japan, 29 September 2005.

- Impact of Open Border between Nepal and India, Nepal Vision Publication of Nepalese Association of Huston, Texas- USA, Vol.3, Issue- 1, October 2002.

- National Report on Remote Sensing and Photogrammetric Activities in Nepal: International Archives of ISPRS, Amsterdam- Netherlands 23 July 2000.

- Nepal National Report on Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing: International Archives of PRS Vol. XXXI, Part B-6, Vienna- Austria, 15 July 1996.

- Uplift in the Nepal Himalaya Revealed by Spirit Leveling: Shrestha, Bilham et. al. (Geophysical Research Letters- USA), Vol. 19, No 15, Pages 1539-1542, August 3, 1992.

- Gravity and the Geoid in the Nepal Himalaya: Shrestha, Bilham, Faller et. al., 1990.

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