Border Nepal


Presentations, lectures and discussions concerning Boundary of Nepal, Border Management, Border Issues of Nepal and means of its solutions:


• Discussion Series, Boston, USA (Insecure Border of Nepal), 1 November 2009.

• Pasa Pucha Guthi, London- UK (Encroachment of Nepalese Territory by India), 16 April 2008.

• Non-Resident Nepali Moscow Chapter, Moscow- Russia (Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution), 21 April 2006.

• London Chhalphal (Discussion), London- UK (Sovereignty at Stake: Nepal's Border Disputes with India and China), 20 April 2006. 

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• Nepal's International Boundary: Principle, Convention and Practices (Land Management Training Institute), 22 April 2011.

• Border Issues of Nepal and its Solution (Elite Club, Biratnagar), 6 January 2011.

• Security Concern and Border Management of Nepal (Army Command and Staff College), 18 November 2010.

• Sangutar Society and Parasparik Savings and Credit Co-operative (Nepal's Border Problems and its Solution), 26 June 2010.

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